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OTR Holiday Gift Guide!


We’re making it easy to shop local with this helpful holiday gift guide! Find everything you need for the holidays right here in Over-the-Rhine, from gifts for men, women, kids, home, and handmade goodies, plus the best places to eat, drink, and play.

If you can’t decide what to get your favorite people (or just want a little something for yourself), you can always pick up a gift card at your favorite shops, galleries, restaurants, and theaters!


  1. Disappointed you don’t have a direct link to download the PDF. Who is doing your marketing??? Instead I have to register with some company I don’t know just to download it.


  2. admin

    Unfortunately, the number of images made the publication a very large (7.3MB) PDF. Instead of making people download such a large file, we thought it was best to keep it online. However, if you would like to download it, you may do so here.

  3. where are pictures of
    the Little Mahatma?

  4. admin

    Hi Gloria. There are a couple of lovely photos of the interior of The Little Mahatma on pages 14, and 20, and a nice product shot on page 9.

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